verantwortlich: Mandy Parnow


All of us watched dancers doing a lot of crazy moves like spining on their heads, flying through the air - here it is: an opportunity for all people to learn about the foundations of Streetdance and Breakdance which is an urban form of dance and its origins lays in the Hip-Hop culture in New York city during the 1970s.

In this workshop we learn how to do the moves correctly and how to follow the music to keep dancing on the beats mixing the movements together including of the 4 key elements in breakdancing, Powermoves ? Toprocks ? Footwork  ? Freezes. This workshop is suitable for all abilities an will be given in English as well as in German.

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302707Workshop GK (anmeldepflichtig)Sa
AK 1
AK 1
02.12.-03.12.Mohamed Elshabasi
8/ 9/ 10 €
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10 EUR
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